Thursday, October 9, 2014

5 Reasons Why A Smaller Wedding Is A Good Idea(Plus we've reached 2 months!!)

Sooo....we have reached 2 months!!!!
Which means..83 days...11 weeks...
Holy pretty much what goes through my mind. Time has been flying by for sure. And quite frankly I can't contain just how excited I am. 

Lately we haven't really been doing to much wedding stuff. I know that's all about to change since there's A LOT to do. 

We sent out our invites..okay don't judge me on this but I can't remember the month but I know we should have gotten them all back since our deadline was September for those of you who haven't PLEASE let me know...I know who you are anyways and I will be coming after you ;) Seriously though. I will. 

We kept our guest list really small. We decided that we wanted mainly family and close friends. We actually had to cut it down a few times, nothing personal it's just what we wanted. We both have big families and it is important that our family have priority over anyone else, then if we had extra we could add in close friends. I have been told so many times that you'll never regret having a smaller wedding, but some will regret having a big one. So we decided to go small. Here are a few reasons why having a smaller wedding is better: 

1. Since you'll have fewer guest to greet and talk to, you can really spend time with each other and enjoy the day. 
2. More intimate setting, you'll spend your special day with the ones closest to you.
3. Save money, this is a big one. A big way to save money but still be able to have an elegant affair is to cut down your guest list. 
4. You are more likely to remember everyone at your wedding and be able to talk to them. 
5. People are more likely to remember your wedding. If you have a traditional large wedding that has 150+ guests most people aren't going to remember certain details and since it's like most weddings they've been to. It'll be a routine. When you have a smaller wedding, you can focus on more details and make your wedding unique since you don't have to plan for a large amount of people. 

I'm not saying big weddings are bad or even bashing them. I understand that some people just have really big families that requires a big wedding, and that's defiantly okay! If you have always dreamed of a big wedding, then go for it. It's your day and you decide how you want it. But smaller weddings tend to not get as good rep and people think you only go small because you can't afford a big wedding. That's not always the case.  I feel that if you are happy, and you married the love of your life, that's all that matters at the end of the day.