Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tips for Finding a Gluten and Dairy Free Wedding Cake (and UPDATES!)

I'll probably say this every single time. But time is flying by. 

I have been super busy working full time and life that I haven't kept up with blogging as much as I wanted to

Things are defiantly moving along and I'm noticing that I'm getting antsy. I hope that's normal.

I'm also starting to enter panic mode. Hello crazy Bride Moments....nice to meet you...
BUT I'm trying my best to handle it the best I can. Speaking of crazy bride moments...I think I experienced my first one a couple weeks ago. I ordered my dress months ago and I've been pretty calm and not to concerned with anything about it. Then one day I was like....soo when is it coming, I hope I ordered the right color.....which led to OH MY GOSH DID THEY ORDER THE RIGHT STYLE. So yeah that happened. And yes I went to the bridal store and they kindly reassured me it was the right one by looking it up and showing me the picture and told me when it'll be here. Worry gone....okay not totally because well it's not here yet. 

Anyways, we have decided on a cake! Which I'm so excited about because it's going to taste amazing. Caleb and I went to our first cake tasting this past week. You know the bridal moment I just talked about, well yeah something along those lines happened with finding a cake baker and I needed to find one THAT MOMENT. Seriously, I amaze myself how much I can get done when I'm panicking(which I don't recommend) Because with the cake, you can order it the month before and still have plenty of time. I can't say what our cake looks like at all, because well it's a secret. Thank goodness I can tell my close family and my bridesmaids because I'm terrible with secrets. Seriously. I get WAY to excited and just want to tell the whole world. 

This isn't our cake...or what it looks like. Just think it's pretty and I needed some kind of picture :) 

ANYWAYS I have learned a few things when it comes to trying to find someone who makes gluten and dairy free wedding cakes. If you have to be gluten, dairy, or something free and you're like me who lives someone where those words are still foreign, you're going to need help. I learned things the hard way. 

1. Don't panic (I did, but for 5-10 min) 

2. Don't consider making your own...I did..felt way to stressed at the thought.

3. Breathe

4. Call around. The worst answer you get is no. 

5. Consult Facebook? I'm up in the air with this one. Because I did..and didn't get much help. For those of you who did try, Thank You :) 

My best advice would be to call around. That's how I ended up finding our cake baker. One shop I called said no they didn't make cakes like that but check out this bakery. I also had other bakeries offer me advice and say they could try and make gluten free. So sweet. But I'm going to be picky and want someone who is experienced in making gluten free. So after about a day of searching and calling I found hour away. But at this point I was pretty much out of luck. I'm pretty happy because let me just say, the cake is AMAZING. If you live around Harrisburg or an hour or so away. Check out Betsy's Bakery. Seriously, you won't regret it. She has everything. Now I have only tried the cake but since the cake is so good, I know everything is. PLUS she does vegan options as well. Since everything is gluten free, you won't have to worry about cross contamination. Our cake is going to be gluten & dairy free and vegan. After an hour and half of trying a lot of cake and icing. She drew a sketch that was going to be OUR cake. And I can't wait to see it....I can't wait for the whole world to see it! ;) 

Stay tuned because I have more details coming soon!!!