Monday, September 1, 2014

The New Bridezilla

I read an interesting article that talked about the new "bridezilla" if one kind wasn't enough?? 
Anyways I found it pretty humorous, the new title is called "Bridechilla" If I could insert my iPhone emojis here I would put my laughing crying face because I just lost it when I read the name. Basically anyone who is a Bridechilla is the exact opposite a Bridezilla...but not in a good way. They are way to relaxed to the point of not really caring about much...of anything.

Here is a Bridezilla VS Bridechilla 

Of course it's super important to stay relaxed while wedding planning. But not to the point where people are wondering if you are even getting married. Plus, people need direction and since it is YOUR wedding, they want to do what YOU want. Trust me, I am not a person who likes to make the final decision, unless it's something I feel strongly about. But I have realized with planning a wedding that I need to stay on top of things and point people in the direction that I want. Plus, how many times in your life do people want to do everything you say? :) 

When I read this article, I thought I was going to be a Bridechilla because I've been so calm and have let things slide. But I can see where I am defiantly not one because, well I don't fit any of those descriptions. 

And there is no way I am even close to being a can even ask my Fiancé and bridesmaids and they'll tell you that I'm not one at all. 
Are you a bride? Or know someone that has a potential to be a Bridechilla? Might want them to read this!