Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Maid/Matron of Honor Duties

Just a month ago...or more, I posted about invitations and guest list...and that we've reached the 6 month mark..

Now we are down to 4 months! Okay, I seriously don't know where month 5 went because time is flying by so fast. There is SO much to do and I have a feeling my life is going to get pretty crazy these next very few months. But I'm extremely excited and nervous. Only nervous because I have been having wedding nightmares...nothing to crazy but things that could actually go wrong. Thank you brain for making me worry about things that I didn't even think of until I dreamt them! "sigh" I just keep telling myself that everything will be okay. Thank goodness I have close friends and family that keep me on track. 

When I first started wedding planning, I said that I didn't want a Maid of Honor because who I chose to be my bridesmaids were all equally important to me. 

Well...the closer it has started to get to the wedding, the more I realize that I did need a Maid of Honor, well she's a Matron of Honor because she's married...there is a difference! 
Anyways that doesn't mean someone was better than someone else or anything like that, I just needed a leading lady to take on tasks that I couldn't do or that I needed help with. There are TONS of duties listed out there for the Maid of Honor...seriously. So I've just taken ones that I feel are really important. 

Maid/Matron of Honor Duties

1. Offer to help with any pre wedding tasks, from addressing invites to picking out the cake. 

2. Leading the bridesmaids. The MOH is in charge of informing the bridesmaids of their duties and all pre wedding parties. Also making sure they all get their dresses and help pick out accessories.

3. Lend an ear. Whether it's about planning, marriage, or venting, the MOH should assure the bride that she is someone who she can confide in, even if that means hearing the same thing multiple times.

4. Host or cohost the bridal shower.

5. Keep a record of all the gifts received at various parties or showers. 
6. Hold the bride's bouquet at the alter. 

7. Make sure the bride eats and drinks something. Before and after the ceremony. 

8. Plan a speech to toast at the reception. Or at the rehearsal dinner. 
9. Sign the marriage license. 

10. Attend the bride's dress fittings, to help learn how to bustle her train.

11. Make sure bridesmaids attend the rehearsal. 

12. Make sure all bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, or if all attending the same hair studio along with the bride. Make sure they're on time. 

13. Arrange the bride's veil and train before the ceremony begins and right after she gets to the alter. 

14. Plan the bachelorette party with the bridesmaids.

15. Spread the news to where the bride and groom are registered. 

16. There will be emotional times that will require a lot of tissues, hugging, and emotional support. The MOH is a trusted friend and good listener. 

17. Keep the bride laughing through everything. Sometimes the biggest stress reliever is laughing. 

These are just some of the duties a MOH has, obviously she can take on more where she feels necessary. With that all being said, this is when I realized how important a MOH is and that I really needed one. 
Brides: My best advice, choose a MOH. Best option would be a sister or sister-in-law. Or your best friend. Someone who you know will be right by your side through everything. 
Bridesmaids: If you aren't the MOH, you are still just as important to the bride. Don't get your feelings hurt because you are still part of the big day and can be a big help to her. 

*My girls in my wedding party mean literally EVERYTHING to me. And to have all of them up there with me is extremely exciting and I wouldn't want it any other way.