Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Maggie Sottero Summer in Love Photo Contest

Okay, normally I'm not one of those people who is all for entering sweepstakes and getting people to vote for certain things of mine. I just usually have the worst luck with stuff like that and I don't even bother.

(Picture from Maggie Sottero website) 

But, I follow a wedding dress designer Maggie Sottero on Facebook and they're having a sweepstakes, that is pretty sweet. It's called Summer in Love Photo Contest. When you enter you get a chance to win a wedding dress and $2,000! Pretty crazy. I do have a wedding dress, but the extra money would be such a big help. So I entered, but you have to get people to vote for your picture...if you could so kindly just take a minute of your time to vote for Caleb and I! :) Here's the link 

It would be amazing if I won. But I know it's all about chance, and there is many people that have entered and have a lot of votes. Chances are slim, but I just want to try! 
Also, if you are engaged. You can enter as well! Everyone deserves a chance and I believe that whoever wins than they really needed it :) No hard feelings!