Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ian's French Bread Pizza

At my local grocery store, there is a small gluten free section but it's nothing to go crazy over. A lot of times there's always the same stuff, but sometimes I'll stumble across something new. I've tried a few gluten and dairy free frozen pizzas before...but wasn't impressed at all. Also it's kind of rare to find a pizza that is free of both, let alone allergy friendly. 
I haven't had many products from Ian's, so I didn't know how their products were. But in a rush because Caleb and I had plans for a pizza and movie night I needed something quick. Spotted this and was so excited to try it. I've been careful about products containing soy since I don't want soy in my diet either. This was amazing to find! 

I don't have the best pictures because 1. I forgot to take pictures the first time I had it 2. Bought again, almost forgot and 3. Now I can't find it at the grocery store. So this is the best one I have. It doesn't look like the product on the box, but that's because all the cheese has melted. I actually think the cheese amount is perfect because I don't prefer a lot of cheese anymore. The french bread, is exactly what you would think french bread to be. A crunchy outside while the inside is soft. A box contains two pizzas, which is fantastic because I get two meals out of it! 

I would defiantly recommend this to anyone. Especially if you're in a hurry for a quick meal or just can't get rid of that pizza craving. Caleb confirmed that it was pretty close to a "normal" french bread pizza. Ian's has more products on their site which I defiantly want to try since this pizza was really good.