Monday, May 5, 2014

Seven Day Detoxifying Cleanse

This week Caleb and I are doing a cleanse. Most likely if you have internet, you've heard of the cleanses that are out there. They all have good and bad reviews. 99% of the time I eat very healthy, because I really don't have a choice. BUT I have found foods that aren't healthy that I can have. I've added a lot of starch and sugars back into my diet without really noticing it. I've just been feeling pretty crappy again and I know it's because of those little sneaky sugars. I recently had my first anxiety attack in months a couple weeks ago. And I know it's because I'm not fueling my body like I should be. 

Both Caleb and I want to be healthier, especially for our BIG day :) 
So a cleanse just made sense for the both of us. I'm really into those juice cleanses that for a few days all you consume is juice. But Caleb isn't to thrilled. (Guess I'll do that one by myself later one) I seriously wish we lived in California because they have little shops of juices EVERYWHERE! 
So I found a cleanse that has two meals are smoothies and one is a salad or soup. If you look up cleanses you'll find SO many. Just go with what you feel comfortable with. Some people can tolerate full harsh cleanses that only allow liquids. While some can not. That's why I think a cleanse that provides both keeps your body feeling strong and not deprived. 

Most cleanses do make you lose weight. But what they aren't telling you that it is water weight. Especially for females since we hold more water than males. (Yay us!) 
I am not doing the cleanse to lose weight, I'm doing it to feel healthier and get myself back on track since I've been really slacking lately. 

My goals for this cleanse: 
1. Cut out sugar. Again. 
2. Cut out carbs and cravings for them.
3. Gain energy.
4. Glowing skin (hopefully!) 
5. Feel overall healthier again

Calebs goals:
1. Feel healthier
2. Cut out junk food and cravings
3. Eat better
4. Build muscle

Our cleanse is going to be similar. The only difference is he will have more protein than me because his body needs it since at the gym he does more strength training than what I do. Yes, we will be still working out while on the cleanse. People say not to, but I don't agree. I think you should keep your gym habit while cleansing. 

My house already has a lot of healthy foods so doing this cleanse for us is about $20.00. But if you don't have most ingredients and have to buy everything, then yes it's going to be pricy. I won't lie. But isn't your health worth it? 

The cleanse we are doing is something that I actually came up with. It's combining a lot of different things because after researching cleanses, I felt that if I took things from each it would be beneficial. 

For seven days we will replace two meals with smoothies and have one meal. Most cleanses I found they tell you the meal that you could have was for dinner, but I feel like dinner should be the smallest so I changed that and the meal will be lunch. Gives your body time to burn off calories. 

For this cleanse you'll be able to eat:

Each day I'll post recipes of the smoothies and lunch. Also how we are feeling and more tips on cleansing! 

So stay tuned!! More information coming!