Thursday, May 1, 2014

Creating Your Wedding Registry

Over the weekend Caleb and I made a plan to finish registering. We did a lot of it online, but some things we had to see in person. While registering, it should be fun and not stressful. Yes, things happen. Like for us for instance one of the places where we decided to register, the customer service wasn't very helpful and most the employees acted like it was their first day working. But we decided to ignore all of that and not let it ruin the experience. 
Picking out the things you want for your new life together is defiantly a bonding experience. You find out each others styles and tastes. If your styles clash, come to an agreement on things. For us, we have similar tastes and we know how we want to decorate because we've talked about it probably over a million times. 

So let's dive right into what are the basics that you need to register for? Registering can get overwhelming because you realize there is SO much stuff. Coming up with a checklist is a way to avoid all the stress. 
First here are some tips before you register.

1. Make it a date. Plan for as much time as you need so you don't feel rushed. 

2. Eat! No one likes to shop hungry. Same goes for when you are creating your registry. 

3. Make a checklist of things you need AND want.

4. Discuss your dreams and ideas for how you want to decorate your home together.

5. Have fun! Don't get stressed. This is one of the fun parts about planning a wedding. 

You can even browse online websites about registries and whatnot. I did that. But I kept looking and started to get overwhelmed because there is so much information out there. Everyone is going to have a say in what to register for and what to not register for. But in the end, it's your life and what someone might not want you might. So go ahead and register for it. 
Seriously, stick with the basics and add a few can't live without items and you'll be set. I've been told, in the end you'll end up with duplicates of items and will have to return them anyways. Plus, most registries give you a discount on items that weren't purchased. 

Here is a basic checklist to follow:

Of course you don't have to register for EVERYTHING you see on this list. It's just a guide. You can create your own list that fits you and your soon to be hubby. Once you do, get to registering!!

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