Friday, May 23, 2014

Cleanse Day 3-7

Well I can't say that we successfully finished the cleanse. Our schedules got crazy busy and I ended up getting sick so things just didn't work out to well. We did try and stick to the food guidelines as much as possible. I already eat that way, so it was more for Caleb sticking to it. And he did. So we didn't completely abandoned ship on it. 

Also, I've been behind on updating just because life got a little busy and I was just to tired to even open my computer or just think of what to type by the end of the day. 

We will defiantly do a full cleanse sometime, just because we both did feel better. Until then we are eating a lot healthier than what we were before. Since I don't have much to say about the cleanse (whoops) I have another post on some easy tips to eat healthier here. 

During the cleanse, I found new ways to incorporate healthier foods, and get rid of the not so good foods.