Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cleanse Day 2

So after a pretty crappy first day. I have to say that the second day went a little better. 

Yesterday was just an off day for me. I think that even if I ate how I normally do, I would have still felt crappy since those days happen. I decided to give it another day, and I'm glad I did. Today the shake didn't make me feel bad at all. Which is good because it's delicious! 

Here is what our meals consisted of  


Chocolate Blueberry Shake with Green Super Food recipe here


My lunch: Half Avocado sliced with lettuce and a few chicken chunks
Caleb's lunch: Turkey sandwich with lettuce and avocado 


Lentil soup with kidney beans

Also, throughout the whole day we drank water when we remembered to, but have to improve on that. 

We have given in a little here and there to some things, but we are improving. Our biggest goals are to cut out sugar and carbs. I'm really proud of Caleb because he used to hate avocado and wouldn't touch it but he put it on his sandwich. And yes he had a sandwich, baby steps. 

I'm learning that with cleansing, it's best to listen to your body. If you're hungry. Eat. But of course if you're craving junk food, don't give in and eat something healthier.  Since I'm not following any certain type of cleanse, I'm creating our own so I feel like I can alter things to fit each of our needs better. 

After day 2, I think we are both feeling better because we aren't depriving ourselves. We still have things to improve on but we are getting there. 

About the Green Super Food
Since we are replacing one meal with this. This is what is cleansing and detoxing. Since it's packed with a lot of vitamins and nutrients. 

I hope the next days coming up get even easier and we start to notice changes!

Cheers! :)