Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Graze Snack Box

So I received a "snack box" in the mail this past week. 
Best kind of mail? Yes. 

It's called Graze. Perfect name for a snack box that is delivered to your door. They have about 100 different kinds of snacks that you can pick which ones you like, love, try, or never try. Everything is healthy. So you don't have to feel guilty about eating any of the snacks. It's like indulging, but without the guilt! 

The box I received came with four different cute little containers. Yes I refer to them as cute. 

The four flavors were Garden of England, Chocolate Orange Flapjack, Herby Bread Basket, and Black Pepper Cashews. I only had three out the four because well bread..can't exactly have so Caleb made sure that one didn't go to waste ;) 

The Garden Of England contained dried apples, strawberries, and black currents. Umm they were probably the best dried fruit I have EVER had. No joke. I am not a fan of dried fruit, but their dried fruit I would eat again. And again. 

Black Pepper Cashews contained black peppered cashews, roasted unsalted cashews, and redskin peanuts. I liked this one, can't say I love it just because I am not a huge fan of black pepper. Good thing is that there were only a few covered in it. 

Chocolate Orange Flapjack contained rustic rolled oats, with chocolate and orange. Okay I LOVE the flapjacks. But I hate chocolate and orange together. But I tried it, it wasn't overwhelming and I didn't mind it. They have a lot of other flavors of the flapjacks that I do want to try. 

Herby Bread Basket contained mini basil breadsticks, garlic crostini, and oregano rice crackers. If I didn't have a problem with gluten I would have picked this one first. I can say it smelled amazing and Caleb said that it was very good. A little taste of Italy in a container. 

So if you love getting treats in the mail this is something to defiantly check out! And you can pick exactly when you want to receive it! No monthly payments that you're locked into. But you can only join Graze if you're invited. So guess what?! I'm inviting you!! I have a special code that you can use. 

When you go to the site 
Type in JAELR3G6


Hopefully you enjoy some healthy snacks!!


P.S. Not all snacks are gluten and dairy free. So make sure you read the ingredients first! You can pick snacks based on your own dietary guidelines.