Monday, December 30, 2013

Aveda Skincare Review

Recently I decided to change up my skin care routine. Well because I'm pretty sure I have the most stubborn skin ever. I can use a line and my face will love it and be clear, then within a year of using face freaks out and starts to break out and just not be clear. My skin is worse than what it was in high school. Besides getting an infection on my skin, it was pretty clear. Now all I deal with is breakouts. It's quite frustrating. I take such good care of my skin so I'm clueless as to what I'm doing wrong. 


Also, I spent hours looking in Sephora for a good line. But everything just seems so harsh. I even took home a sample of a brand a consultant in Sephora recommended to me....NEVER AGAIN. I'm still trying to heal my skin from all the harsh ingriendents. Word to the wise...just because someone works in a place like that, doesn't mean they always know best. But at that point I was desperate. She told me it was good for sensitive skin....umm no. It burned when I put it on! It is called Shisedo White Lucent. Also, since I'm so fair the brightening just made me look like a ghost. Not a good look at all. So don't buy that if you have sensitive fair skin. 

I googled lots of different products and finally ended up finding Aveda. 
I read into all of their ingredients, what people had to say. They are a plant based skin care line and that's what caught my eye. I want an all natural skin care that's not going to put harsh chemicals on my skin. After debating for about two weeks, I just decided to purchase their  starter kit and see what it would do. I mean, at this point I didn't have much of an option because I refuse to buy any drugstore skin care lines. 

I chose the line for dry skin. Because I have normal to dry skin that gets flakey.  I decided to go with their Botanical Kinetics line over the sensitive one. I felt my skin needs more help and then I'll try the sensitive one. My order came sooner than what I expected so they are really good at getting your products to you. 

Online the products look bigger in the picture. So I thought I'd get more, but they are smaller than I expected. Kind of a downside. If you say starter kit, I think full sizes. Trials or samples are usually smaller. But for the price it's a good deal and also it came with three other samples! I love samples.

Here's a breakdown in what I've been using:

Creme Cleanser 2x a day. Morning and night

Hydrating lotion 2x a day. Morning and night

Toning mist 1x a day in the morning. 

Exfoliant 1x a day at night 

Firming face creme 2x a day. Morning and night. (Yes, I'm only in my 20s but I want to avoid wrinkles)

I haven't been using this line for a full month yet. But I can say that my skin has calmed down A LOT. It's not as dry and uncomfortable as it used to be. 

It hasn't made me breakout. I've had breakouts, but I think it has been from my face trying to get rid of the crap I was using before. So that is a big plus. 

I do feel that these are better products than I have used in the past. So I will continue to use them and see if I see any more differences.

At the moment, I would recommend this line. Their trial packs are a nice way to start. I have already bought fuller sizes because I ran out of the samples.