Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gluten Free Makeup: Bare Minerals

I've gotten asked countless times what type of makeup I use. Well I have been a religious Bare Minerals user for about 5 years now. This is going to sound really funny but when I was in school, I would watch those silly infomercials in the mornings and they always had bare minerals on some channel. I constantly begged my mom to buy it for me, but you had to sign up to receive in monthly, which means you pay monthly and there was no way she would do that. Back then I didn't understand, but now I see her point. They used to charge about $60 a month! When I got my first job, that was my first purchase. Unfortunately I was paying that fee every single month.  I have been using it ever since. Thank goodness stores are starting to carry it because I wouldn't pay that much a month for makeup. I have tried other mineral based foundations, but they just aren't the same to me. And I will NEVER put liquid foundation on my face. Ever. I hate, hate, HATE the feeling of makeup. When I wear makeup, I put the least amount on just because I never want a cakey look. 

Sooo what does this have to do with health? Since I'm all about my food....
Well I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I really want my blog to be full of information. Maybe that's to overwhelming? But health isn't just about what you eat. It's about every single thing you use daily and what you surround yourself with. So why not. Besides, I am an extreme girly girl and I love makeup, hair, clothes, and just everything girly....guess it's a good thing I am a girl ;)

Most likely any guy readers won't read my beauty/girly posts, and that's okay. I have guy beauty information as well. Yes I did say guy beauty. It doesn't hurt to be in the know. I love to learn and I'm a good learner, unless it's math. You can keep that x and y and bob has 1,000 watermelons etc. to yourself.

I'm pretty sure I got off topic.......

Back to my makeup.
If you look at my vanity you will see I have everything bare minerals, if it's not bare minerals it'll most likely be benefit & smashbox. I do have a taste for expensive makeup...but I don't just like putting random stuff on my face without knowing what is in it. 

Is Bare Minerals gluten free?
Kind of.

I know their foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow is. But their lipstick and lip glosses I'm not 100% positive on that. And they aren't to clear on whether it is either. They do say that they don't prevent cross contamination. So people with Celiac I would say to stay away because you never know. Bare minerals is pretty natural. So they are good at trying to keep their products paraben free, and only use all natural minerals. 

I rarely use any makeup that isn't bare minerals. I am allergic to cover girl, maybelline, and l'orel. I have tried each brands eye makeup. And ended up with very red, sore, and irritated eyes. So I am sensitive to products and can only use higher quality and natural products. So that's why I feel that bare minerals is pretty natural. Maybe some will have other opinions, but this is just based off of my own experience in cosmetics.

Here is a list of safe products from Bare Minerals:
Free of Wheat, Oat, Rye, and Barely ingredients

All-Over Face Colors - all shades
bareEyes Eye Makeup Remover
Blush - All shades
Blush (SPF 20) - all shades
Brushless Mascara
Body Minerals - all shades
Eyecolor - all shades
Extreme Glimmers - all shades
Faux Tan
Faux Tan Body Moisturizer
First Base Lip Balm
Flawless Definition Mascara - all shades
Foundation (SPF 15 Original) - all shades
Foundation (SPF 15 Matte) - all shades
Gossamers - all shades
High Shine Eyecolors - all shades
Hydrating Blush - all shades
Liner Shadow - all shades
Lip Rev-er Upper
Makeup Remover Wipes
Mineral Veil - all shades
Mineral Veil (SPF 25) - all shades
MultiTasking Minerals - all shades
On the Spot Swabs
Prime Time Eyelid Primer
Prime Time Foundation Primer
Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer
Quick Change Brush Cleaner
Radiance Rocks - all shades
Soft Focus Colors - all shades
SPF 15 Lipgloss - Fiji
SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen - all shades
Weather Everything Liner Sealer
Well Cared For Brush Shampoo

Another nice thing about Bare Minerals is they give you a list of their ingredients for each product under the product description. 

I'm also currently searching for completely gluten free, all natural products. So suggestions are welcome!