Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Morsels Review

You know what makes my day?
Receiving this in the mail...

This box always makes me so excited because I love Enjoy Life and all of their products! 

It feels like Christmas every time this comes to my door. And I always open up the box right away. So what's in this box? 


Enjoy Life already came out with mini chips and mega chunks. But their newest addition is there regular size morsels. Yes they look exactly like normal chocolate chips! 

Here's what the "normal" chocolate chips look like:

Not much of a difference at all!! 

If I put these chocolate chips next to ones that have dairy in them, you wouldn't be able to tell, They look exactly the same. The only difference? The ingredients. Take a look at Enjoy Life's ingredients in their morsels:

Compared to the well known Hershey's Dark Chocolate Morsels:

I don't see why those added ingredients are necessary. Enjoy Life has clearly shown that those extra ingredients aren't needed at all. 

The flavor of Enjoy Life Morsels taste like a high quality dark chocolate. I'm excited to use these in my holiday baking! I have already made chocolate chip pancakes with them. They turned out amazing of course. 

I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone!! These are not only a good choice for people who can't have dairy, but for everyone else since they are a much healthier option for chocolate. 

Once again, Enjoy Life has created an amazing product that I will use very often! 

So go buy these and try for yourself to see the difference!