Saturday, October 26, 2013

Is There A Such Thing As A Corn Intolerance?

For the past month I have kind of been putting myself and body through a test. It hasn't been to fun because I'm trying to still figure out what is making me sick. Most days I have felt overall better, but there are times when I just haven't felt good at all. I have kind of been at a loss because cutting out gluten, dairy, and refined sugar has eliminated a lot of my problems, but not all of them. This whole month I have probably felt the worse than I have for a long time. I haven't been able to put my finger on it until now.

Yes, I truly believe I have some intolerance or something to corn because almost every time I eat any type of tortilla chips I have some type of reaction. There are a few times where I have eaten them that nothing has happened. That's why I didn't think of it until now. Also, when you have a food intolerance, it can take your body a day or so to even process it and then a reaction will occur.
Here are some of my symptoms that happen when I eat corn- especially tortilla chips:

Stomach Cramps
Upset Stomach
Just an overall sick feeling that's similar to when I eat gluten

Feeling this way lately has been making me concerned. Usually I have felt pretty good and really healthy. But lately that hasn't been the case. I have kept a track of what I'm eating and nothing contains hidden gluten or dairy. So I am okay there. It recently hit me that it's corn chips. I have been eating hummus with chips a lot more. Or just the corn chips alone. Sometimes I would feel a little off and then other times I would feel so bad I couldn't do anything...and that brings back the days when I was really sick. I never want to go back to that. So I have to make a change. Starting today, I am not eating anything with corn in it. Not even fresh corn itself. Just because corn can't be digested properly, even by the healthiest person. So it's no wonder that corn is really starting to bother me a lot.

Along with that being said. Most companies that have foods that contain corn, it's GMO. Now there are a few that aren't. But that's only a select few. I'm still going to stay completely corn free and see if that makes a difference.

I researched if there was a such thing as a corn intolerance, and to my surprise there is intolerances and allergies.

Here are the symptoms: Moderate to Severe


Migraine headache

Abdominal pain and bloating


Itchy skin  

Swelling of tongue and mouth  



Urinary tract infection (UTI)


Allergic asthma

Mood swing  


When I came across these symptoms. I was surprised on how similar they were to how I have been feeling. I know they say well you can find anything on the internet. Yes this I know. But I kept track of my symptoms first before I searched anything. I also came down with another UTI, which I am very prone to them and get them randomly. I take cranberry everyday, so when I got one it really made me think. Now I think I have figured out why I got one.

Also, when I went to the Naturopathy doctor a year ago, she told me to cut out corn. I did for awhile. But then I started to eat it again. And well now I know why I should have left it out of my diet.

I haven't been a big fan of corn anyways. Expect tortilla chips. So now I have to find alternatives and be careful not to eat anything with corn.

Curious about what brands contain GMO corn. Here are a few examples and what to eat instead:
Some alternatives aren't gluten & corn free. This is just to show what brands use GMO

Chart found from

I will update in a month to let you know if I have seen any changes to my health!