Friday, October 11, 2013

Enjoy Life Improved Baked Chewy Bars Review

A couple months ago I did a review on Enjoy Life's Decadence bars. Click here if you missed it. I had the honor of receiving free boxes in the mail to try. They were all amazing. 
Well I just received another package. They have improved their Baked Chewy bars.
Here's what's new:

Improved taste and new look!
Now made with Ancient Grains!
Homemade, all natural goodness!
Morning, Afternoon, and Evening snack! 

I have tried their "old" chewy bars and they were pretty good. But now after trying the new improved recipe. They are simply AMAZING. It's very hard to tell that they are food allergy friendly. They are so good, it was so hard for me to pick a favorite. I received 4 flavors. Sun-butter Crunch, Mixed Berry, Cocoa Loco, and Caramel Apple. All sound good right? 

Let's get to the review. I'll start off with the Sun-butter Crunch.

This was the first flavor I tried. I will be the first to admit, I have tried things made with sun-butter...and I felt like I was eating a handful of sunflower seeds. Some people may like that, but it's just not something I enjoy. So when I saw this flavor, I was kind of worried I wasn't going to like them. But after I took just one bite. I could already tell they were completely different. They have a slight sun-butter taste, but it's not overpowering at all. These are fantastic! And a great choice for someone who has a peanut allergy. They almost have a peanut taste...but of course doesn't contain any peanuts at all. This is defiantly a good choice for a quick breakfast on the go, or an afternoon snack. 

Next is Mixed Berry

This bar is filled with berry goodness. It's so fruity, but it tastes like the actual fruit. Not just "fruit flavored". That's because Enjoy Life uses only the best and most natural ingredients in everything they make. So it's no wonder you'll find bits a fruit in these bars. I do enjoy fruity things, but only when it's natural, and not just an added flavor. These are defiantly at the top of my list. These would also be a good breakfast on the go, and great in kids lunches or after school snacks. 

Thirdly is Cocoa Loco

My oh my...we have a problem. These have such a chocolate flavor they are very hard to resist....
Enjoy Life added more chocolate chips into them, so they are extremely cocoa loco. Have I ever told you how picky I am when it comes to chocolate? Well I am so picky. And now that I can't have most chocolate things, it's hard to find something with chocolate that I even like. I've started to not even like chocolate because most have just been a very off flavor. But these little gems, have such a rich chocolate flavor that you wouldn't even tell they have no dairy or anything. Thank you Enjoy Life for making a chocolate bar that tastes like a rich heavenly chocolate. I now like chocolate again! These are defiantly a bar that can be considered for evening, an after dinner snack. 

Lastly is Caramel Apple

If you struggle with a dairy allergy, when was the last time you had caramel? I can tell you that for me, it has been years. I can't remember the last time I did. I do remember I loved caramel anything. And in the fall, nothing was better than enjoying a big caramel apple. I really do miss those..
With being really into fall flavors, since well it is fall. I love these. They have a smooth caramel apple flavor, with hints of cinnamon and spices. These should have been called Spiced Caramel Apple because they have that lovely spice flavor to them that is just warming and comforting. Who knew such big flavor could come from a small bar? It's sure amazing. Since these are perfect for fall, I will be buying more and stocking up because I am quite sad that these were the ones I ate up right away. Followed by the rest. Are they my favorite? Quite possibly because of the season. These can be enjoyed at any meal, well I find myself eating them anytime. 

I truly recommend ALL of these flavors. They are all baked to chewy perfection and bursting full of flavor. Even if you have no food allergies, these are much healthier than any other "snack" bars that are popular out there. I highly recommend these chewy snack bars for kids. Kids won't even realize how healthy they are, they'll will just love the flavor! 

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