Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Cute Gender Reveal

Instead of my recipe post or a health tip. I am going to share something different. Because I can. Because it's my blog and I want to.

We have exciting news in our family!

My brother, the baby out of my brothers, is going to be a dad! But even bigger news, him and his wife found out what they're having. Ever since my sister-in-law got pregnant she wanted to have a gender reveal party. Which is a totally cute and fun idea! So when the time came and they found out, the only other person that knew, was ME! I felt honored. She wanted to have cupcakes so all of the family found out together. And wanted me to make them for them. I decided to make all of the cupcakes gluten and dairy free. Just because I wanted to be able to have a cupcake. And I have almost perfected my cupcake recipe! Her gender reveal was cute and simple. And the main attraction were the cupcakes because everyone was eagerly waiting to find out. It was funny to watch everyone check the cupcakes to see if they could tell. But of course I wouldn't let that happen. 

We had family take a quick poll on a piece of paper to see their guesses. It was interesting to see how everyone used to say she was having a girl in the beginning, now everyone thought a boy. I think I just have a family full of people who hate to be wrong ;) 

The cupcakes that family couldn't wait to see what's on the inside! 

Boy or Girl?? They are soon to find out..

The happy soon-to-be parents will soon cut into those cupcakes to reveal to family what the sweet little baby will be.

And the verdict is.......

Instead of filling with frosting, I used blue sprinkles to make them a little different and more fun. 

They have having a sweet little boy! And they couldn't be happier! I'm excited to be an Aunt, once again. Even though I have been an Aunt since I was 5. It's still exciting welcoming a new bundle of joy. And this is their first baby, so it's an extremely exciting and special time for them. That little guy has such an amazing and loving family just waiting to spoil him. And of course two people who are going to be wonderful parents :) 

To the glowing parents: I wanted to make a post dedicated to you. You two deserve this little man that you have been blessed with. I'm truly happy for you two. It's amazing that in no time, you'll be holding him in your arms! 

So that is some of the exciting news that's happening in my family! 

I'll post a recipe for my cupcakes soon. Promise.