Monday, September 2, 2013

Read This Before Eating McDonalds Chicken McNuggets

Think of the last time you had McDonalds. Was it today, yesterday, or how about last year? What did you get there? McDonalds is probably the most famous fast food restaurant in the world. Almost everywhere you go, you'll find that famous arch that is loved by millions of people. 
Fast food is loved by millions of people....
and children. 

I will admit, that yes, of course I used to eat fast food. It was quick and easy. That's what it attracts people. You get in your car, pull up to a window, and get your food handed to you. Or if you're feeling fancy you can go in and sit down and eat your food. Fast food is called fast food for a reason, because it's fast and cheap.  

It's especially convenient for people who have kids. It's a quick solution to little kids hunger strikes. What kids love most are those chicken McNuggets. They seem to be just so perfect for little hands and stomachs. Whenever I could eat whatever I wanted, I did love some chicken mcnuggets. But after realizing gluten made me sick. I had to stop eating them. Thank goodness. 
Have you had McDonalds chicken nuggets recently? Or given your kids them. Well in this video below, will make you rethink ever eating those so called "chicken nuggets" again. 
Watch this video, it will seriously make you truly rethink fast food again. It's all processed. All of it. No matter how healthy something is advertised, if it's from a fast food place, it's not healthy at all. 

Take a couple minutes and watch the video that I found on YouTube, this is from someone called The Health Ranger. They investigate food under a high powered microscope. And this is a mcnugget under the microscope. 

If this doesn't stop you from eating fast food. Then I don't know what will...
Why would you want to put this in your body?
Better yet, why would you feed this to your kids? 

Stay away from ALL fast food!!!!!!!! 
I'm serious.