Friday, July 19, 2013

The True Miracle In My Life

This post is dedicated to my dad.
This past weekend we celebrated my dad’s birthday. He enjoyed a weekend long celebration. And also he deserved it for sure! He is a very hardworking person for sure. Many of you probably don’t know my dad, and if you do, you know him because he would leave a good impression in your life. He is all the time encouraging anyone he comes into contact with. Every time I am out in public with him, he will make people smile. I cherish every moment I have with him. Many, many years ago. When I was around the age of 3 or 4 ( I can’t quite remember) he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Since I was so young, I don’t really remember him going through it all. The only memory I have is him laying in the hospital bed, hooked up to a lot of machines. I was with my mom and older brothers, all standing in a corner, no one would go up to him. I guess they just didn’t know what to do. But I got out of my mom’s arms to go over to him. And they sat me up with him, and I just patted his hand covered with IVs telling him “Everything is going to be ok Daddy”. I didn’t know how serious anything really was until I was older. But it is a true miracle that he is alive and healthy today. People say they don’t believe in miracles. But I do. My dad is a walking miracle. I truly believe that God knew he needed to be with his family and there for us.
Everyday, he makes sure I’m doing okay. And always tries to put a smile on my face (especially when I’m not having a good day) I will say I have the best dad in the world. There may be other best dads out there. But to me, he is the best for me. And I can’t and wouldn’t even try to imagine life without him. You could say that I’m defiantly a daddy’s girl. But I’m the only girl AND the youngest out of four boys.
Since changing my diet. My parents have been really supportive. They try to be as gluten free as much as they can. But they can’t live without their dairy, but that’s okay. Every meal they make, they make sure it’s everything I can eat. I appreciate all that they do.  So for his birthday, I wanted to make him a cake. But a cake made special, he prefers gluten free things these days as well. Since it’s getting close to summer, A lemon Blueberry combo just seemed to be very fitting.
I have been baking gluten free for almost a year now. It’s been trial and error for sure. Making gluten free anything, is always a challenge because it’s so different. If you’re used to baking with typical wheat based products. It’ll take awhile to get used to. I have had a lot of non-success. But that’s okay because they have made me a better gluten free baker. I know what works, and what doesn’t.
So I present to you, my best gluten and dairy free cake that I have made to date:
Lemon Cake with a Fresh Blueberry Buttercream
Lemon Cake with Blueberries and Cream Buttercream
Lemon Cake with Blueberries and Cream Buttercream
In the past, my gluten free cakes and cupcakes have been pretty dry. It has been hard to find the right balance. But I have realized, gluten free is going to turn out differently, depending on the type of flour that you use.
This cake was the most moist gluten free cake that I have made. And it was from scratch. I am pretty proud of myself. Other cakes I have made, have raised during baking, but fell once cool. This one, did not. At all.
Of course it was later turned into my dad’s birthday cake. And what cake isn’t complete without sparkler candles?! That also happen to be those trick candles :)
Cheers to my Dad!!