Friday, July 19, 2013

Natural Remedies For Bug Bites

Love long summer days that just seem to turn into relaxing summer evenings?
Many people find it to hot to go outside during the day, unless they are swimming, so many will be outdoors in the evening when it cools off. How nice is it to spend time outside ALL day long?!
With hotter temperatures, bring bugs. I am not a fan of bugs at all. I HATE them. I don’t care what kind they are, how harmless they are. They are all gross to me. And yes, I will run away from anything. Also, I have never been stung before *knocks on wood* and I’m scared to see if I’m allergic to them or not. But that’s not something I want to find out at all. I rather not know. I would be SO happy if there weren’t any bugs. I really can’t enjoy the outdoors because I’m to busy shooing away bugs, or running away from them…don’t judge.
I really hate mosquitos. A summer doesn’t pass without me getting bites from those bugs. And lucky me, when they do bite I end up with welts because those I am allergic to. I’ll be really honest with you, when I’m at the beach my perfume for the week is OFF “Deep Woods” bug spray. 100% honest. Go ahead and laugh all you want. If I miss any spots at all, I’ll get bit! It’s really sad and I don’t find it very funny at all. If I dare go out wearing a nice perfume…oh my goodness, it’s like a free invitation for those bugs to bite me. :(
When I do end up with bites, I’ll scratch those things until I scratch them open. It sounds SO disgusting. But that’s the only way I find relief from the itching. Because once it’s open, all of the venom (I’m assuming that’s what it is) comes out and it can’t irritate your skin anymore.
I really rather not use a chemical based bug spray anymore. Have you read the ingredients on a bug spray bottle?! Doesn’t seem healthy….
The repellant most brands use is DEET. Which can cause skin rashes, lethargy, muscle spasms, and nausea.
If you want some natural remedies to keep bugs away or natural remedies to help relieve the bug bites once they happen, I have found a few that could help you out this summer.

bee sting relief

Bee Stings
Apples-  They contain a chemical compound that may help inhibit the release of histamine, the body chemical that causes itching and burning.
Aspirin- Make sure the stinger is out. Then wet the area and rub an aspirin tablet over it to control inflammation and ease the pain.
Baking Soda- Is an alkaline substance that can neutralize the reaction. Pour a little baking soda into your hand with a little water to make a paste. Cover the sting for at least 20 minutes to reduce pain, swelling, and redness.
Lime- A drop of lime juice will ease the pain of a bee or fire-ant sting.
Sage- Treat stings and swelling using sage and vinegar. Just crush a handful of fresh sage. Put the leaves in a pan, cover them with apple cider vinegar, and simmer on low until they soften. Remove them, and carefully wrap them in a washcloth and apply it to the sting.
Insect Repellant- Menthol- Smooth mentholated rub onto your arms, legs, and neck to repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting bugs.

mosquito bite relief
Mosquito Bites
Catnip- The same catnip used for cats. But can be a natural way to prevent bites. Catnip oil contains nepetalactone, which is 10x more effective at deterring insects than DEET.
Oatmeal- When you are hit with major bigs or stings. Try an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal is a skin soother and will help any itchiness.
Goldenseal- Is well known for healing skin. Mix with bentonite clay for painful insect bites or stings. Also helps with inflammation.
Peppermint- Apply peppermint oil to a bite. The cooling menthol will distract you from the pain and encourage blood flow to the area and flush out the venom.
Witch Hazel- Stops the itch of bites. Make a paste of witch hazel and baking soda then smooth it onto the itchy area for fast relief.

I hope you try out some of the remedies the next time you get stung, or a mosquito bites you. These are also good ways to help bring relief to your children. Instead of putting chemicals onto their skin, put all natural remedies that have the same effect.
Cheers! :)