Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Cleanse Your Body After Antibiotics

It’s such a beautiful Saturday. As I sit here with my cup of (decaf) coffee, I soak in every nice minute I have because it’s rare for me to be off on a Saturday. The past month has been such a crazy month for me and I haven’t gotten time to write, bake, research, and write reviews. Just do what I love doing. Of course I do love makeup and doing people’s makeup for them. But I’ve noticed that my health is still not where it needs to be. When I wasn’t working, I did notice that I felt better. But the true test would be how I would feel after working 8 hours a day….for 6 days in a row. To some people that might seem like a piece of cake. But going from working 0 hours…to that…can really be hard. Especially on me. My body isn’t as healthy as I thought. A lot of my issues that I dealt with before, all started to come back. Everything from body aches, to my stomach not digesting anything. It’s been a rough couple months trying to transition into working and getting myself to feel better. But it’s been a battle. I think I’m exhausted from trying to make myself feel better!
Earlier this month, I had to go to the doctors. I know I have said I try to avoid them as much as I can. But I was really feeling bad so I had to go. Anyways, at the doctors, my doctor was talking to me and asking me about my past health and stuff like that. When I explained about Candida and what it’s done to me. She asked me if I went to the Pure and Simple Cafe’s owner. And I told her yeah. She looked at me and said, that everyone who has gone to see her, has had Candida. And this doctor had the nerve to tell me that basically Candida isn’t real and is made up……
That made me so mad, but I just kept my mouth shut, because doctors don’t believe in healing the all natural way. All they believe in is medicine and popping pills. So I just looked at her in shock and said, really?! Just to make her feel better. But inside I was about to give her a piece of my mind. You see, this doctor maybe right in saying that everyone who has gone to see the naturopathy doctor has had Candida. That’s because EVERYONE has Candida, some just have an overgrowth of it and that’s why they feel so bad. I wanted to tell my doctor that so bad, and be like, In YOUR FACE! But….I just kept every thought to myself.
It’s no wonder why people have Celiac, IBS, and other health issues. Because when they go to the doctors, they completely look over the possibility of Candida. Candida is the REAL issue to many health problems. But yet, it’s not being treated. People are just given medicine for some of their “symptoms”, and the real problem isn’t being treated. I could go on and on about how fed up I get with doctors because sometimes, they make people worse by prescribing medications. Still, there are so many people that believe in medication and that’s the only way to get better. Have you ever read all of the side effects of the medicine that you may have taken? Before I would take any medicine, I would google the side effects. Of course you’ll find anything on the internet. But I wanted to know what could possibly happen when taking medicine. Most medicine that I have taken, has been antibiotics. Just because I have such a hard time fighting off infections. And as much as I hate the doctors, I know antibiotics are the only thing to stop certain infections.
After I take antibiotics, I usually try to cleanse my body and put good bacteria into it. Since antibiotics remove good and bad bacteria.
Steps to take to cleanse your body after antibiotics 

Eat plenty of anti-oxidant rich foods: anti-oxidants can enhance your immune system and help flush out your liver.
Foods to eat: eating fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, prunes, bell peppers (red and green), strawberries, broccoli and beans. Eat at least two to three servings of these foods daily. Also, taking a vitamin c supplement once a day.
Drink water: you should be drinking enough water throughout any normal day. But when flushing out your system, it’s best to drink two liters of water a day. This will help your liver and kidneys flush out any of the antibiotics that still might be in your system.
Garlic supplement: Take garlic in capsule form. Allicin is the active ingredient in garlic that can help your kidneys and liver flush out toxins while cleaning your blood. The recommended dosage for garlic is one 500 mg capsule every day with food. For maximum benefit, you can also add garlic to your meals.
Yogurt: Eat one cup of yogurt everyday. But only all natural organic yogurt. Most yogurt such as yoplait are filled with sugar and you’ll miss out on the good benefits. Yogurt contains millions of lactobacilli that can help replenish the ones that the antibiotics killed. Consume yogurt on an empty stomach for maximum benefit
Probiotics: Taking probiotics after antibiotics will help replace and put back all the good bacteria into your body. Combining yogurt and probiotics will help get your body back to normal.
All of these steps should be followed after taking antibiotics. I know from experience because years ago, I didn’t follow these steps…and it has caused a lot of major health issues. So it’s very important. Especially in children.
Cheers to health! :)