Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookie Review

Who doesn't love a plate full of cookies?! If you have a love for homemade cookies. I think I may have found a homemade cookie...without actually heating up the oven! What?! Oh yes my friends, you know I love baking. But there are just some days I don't feel like it and want a quick treat. 

I wish these were my own recipe, but I have to give all of the credit to Enjoy Life Foods. These are their Soft Baked Cookies. They aren't kidding either, they are incredibly soft and amazing. I'm a lover of soft baked cookies. When I want a cookie, I don't want a crunchy cookie. To me, that's not a cookie at all. I believe they should be soft, but I know there are people that will disagree with me. That's okay though, you're entitled to your own opinion. But this is my opinion.

Today I am reviewing just two of the flavors. I have tried the others...I just finished the box before I took pictures. Whoops. 

Read the FULL review here!

-Don't worry, no cookies were harmed in this review. They are in a safer place ;)