Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is Starbucks Gluten Free?


There is just something about warmer weather that makes me want Starbucks Frappes. They are once again loaded with sugar and soy(for me) but I can’t seem to stay away!! I know the dangers of soy…but Starbucks recently had their Half Price Happy Hour this past week. And I gave in. I’ll be very honest, my drink was pure amazing goodness. Do I regret giving in? No. Okay, maybe just a little. I recently posted a healthier version of a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte. I have gotten questions asking if I know if Starbucks has anything gluten free. To answer these questions, I had to dig deep because there isn’t much real info right from Starbucks.
So I emailed Starbucks asking them what coffee, syrups, and their soy milk contain gluten. Their response back was very vague and they said they cannot say anything is completely 100% gluten free. This is because of cross contamination can be very likely.
Well that wasn’t much of answer for me. So I dug deeper….
Some people have been having reactions even when they choose soy over dairy milk. I myself, *knock on wood* haven’t had any reaction to any Starbucks drinks. I do know that anything labeled “sauce” has dairy in it. Yes, I discovered that the hard way too. Thank you Starbucks for not informing people that they contain dairy! As for the soy milk containing gluten, this isn’t very clear. Some say there is, some say there isn’t. Most Starbucks use Silk Soy milk, which doesn’t contain any gluten. But some Starbucks locations do use their “brand” of soy milk. So if you are unsure. Just ask to see the label….they can’t say no if you ask.
For their syrups. I have read the ingredients and nothing leads to the fact that they have any gluten in them. Some have said that they have gotten sick from having the syrups and say there is gluten. But I have to disagree with that one. They are made of pure sugar, water, and flavoring. Yes, very unhealthy. But no gluten containing ingredients.
I believe that Starbucks is an okay place if you aren’t extremely sensitive to gluten. This is because there could be cross contamination. Starbucks Chips used in their java chip drinks could have trace amounts of gluten, and if the blenders weren’t properly cleaned, they could effect someone who is more sensitive.
Of course all of their baked goods have gluten. There’s no doubt about it. So don’t go into Starbucks looking for a gluten free baked good. You won’t find one there.
If you find yourself getting sick after having Starbucks, then check to see what your drink contains and go from there. Maybe some people get sick from the syrup, soy, or dairy and just don’t know it.
My advice would be if you do have Celiac Disease, then it’s best to avoid Starbucks for your own health.
Since Starbucks can’t promise that they are a gluten free facility, it’s unsafe for people who have Celiac, or are extremely sensitive to gluten.
I try my best to not get Starbucks, and create my own drinks at home. I’m thankful I haven’t had a reaction to anything yet. But I am only gluten intolerant which means small amounts don’t effect me. But if you want gluten out of your system. Drinking Starbucks isn’t the wisest choice.
If you have any more info or thoughts. Please share! I’m still doing my research and trying to find answers. I hope this helps for now! :)