Thursday, April 4, 2013

No Bake Peanut-Butter And Coconut Bites

I've realized I do a lot of dessert or sweets recipes. Well that's because I have such a huge sweet tooth (that I'm still learning to help deal with) Since I constantly want sweets. I have to come up with recipes that are "sweet" but also don't hurt my diet at all. Me being a natural when it comes to baking, it's just easier for me to throw together some sort of dessert, over a cooked meal. Surprising huh? I can't even begin to tell you how much I HATE raw meat. I can't stand the site of it or the smell. It just totally grosses me out. Thank goodness I have a FiancĂ© who doesn't mind cooking at all! But there are times, that I do overcome the gross factor and make a meal. Only when I can stomach it really. But for now, I'll stick to my healthy but delicious sweets. 

Anyways, I came across a recipe called No-Bake Energy Bites. They seemed so easy to throw together. And not to mention being healthy as well. 

They are a great snack for on the go. Forget those pre-packaged breakfast and snack bars. And whip up these little gems for anytime you're on the go. 

My recipe is a little different than the original one. That's because I love putting my own little spin on things and playing with flavors. Who doesn't love peanut-butter, chocolate, and coconut all mixed into one?! Also, since these are so easy, you can actually add in any type of mixings you'd like.

So I made this with peanut-butter. I have been trying to find why peanuts are "off limits". But I haven't been able to figure out why exactly. I'm a lover of peanut-butter, and if you tell me I can't have something, there better be a good explanation as to why I can't. If you have any sort of insight. By all means, please let me know. I can't find anything. So for now, I am using peanut-butter BUT in very small amounts. And I don't use Jif or any of that processed stuff. I stick with all natural. Of course, if you have an allergy to peanuts. You can use an alternative like sun-butter or almond-butter.

No-Bake Peanut-Butter And Coconut Bites


1 Cup Gluten Free Oats*
1 Cup Brown Rice Cereal*
1/3 Cup Raw Honey
1/2 Cup Peanut-butter*
1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
1/4 Cup Mini Chocolate Chips-Dairy Free 
1 Cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut 

*See below pictures for what I used


Mix all ingredients together, Until well combined. Mixture will be sticky. 

Refrigerate for a half hour-Makes it easier to form into little balls. 
Once chilled. Roll into balls

Refrigerate in an airtight container. 

**Products that I used**

Earth Balance Peanut Butter With Coconut Oil.
This peanut butter is sweetened with Agave.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats

Erewhon Honey Crispy Brown Rice Cereal With Mixed Berries
No added sugar. Sweetened with honey.