Friday, April 5, 2013

Farm Rich Brand Recall!

This article should really make you think twice before purchasing packaged meals and snacks. Farm Rich Brand advertises on TV that their snacks are great for kids, for after school to hold them over until dinner. Of course kids are going to love them. It's mini sized "foods" that they can just grab and go. Of course they are going to make their products seem healthy by printing 100% cheese, and the calorie info. I personally have never tried any of their products. But they make the packages look like it's really good. 


I check MSN daily. Just to keep up on the news and stuff. And I noticed this article and it immediately caught my attention. 

Seriously, if you haven't seen this. Go read it. 
This kind of makes me feel better about trying to encourage people not to buy frozen pre-made meals and snacks. Just shows that it's really unhealthy. I went to the Farm Rich Site and found this: Recall

I'm glad they're owning up to their food that has sickened people with E. coli and having these removed from stores. I don't understand how that bacteria could even get into foods containing bread and cheese. Maybe I should do more research on that. But I just wanted to share this. Especially if you have any of this products sitting in your fridge right now. Please throw any of it away!