Saturday, March 2, 2013

Listening To Your Inner Voice

This is a blog post from Empower Network’s daily blog. I had to repost it because it’s pretty amazing and I couldn’t have said these things any better.  Take a moment to read it, and click on the link to watch the video.  It really makes you take a step back and really think. 
You’re consciousness will split off to try to protect you, and will create this little voice that argues with everything, because it is just trying to keep you safe from something that you believe is trying to hurt you. ”
-David Wood

The Raging Voices in Your Head

Like David said, he got that concept when he was going through a course on NLP and Hypnosis.
It’s funny, in this video, David is talking about two voices inside one of our sister’s heads: one that wanted to party, and another that wanted her to be successful.  In the end, both voices just wanted her to be safe, and when she realized that the voices weren’t arguing at all they just disappeared.
The voices both actually wanted the same thing.
Voices in the head that argue between becoming successful and partying must run in the family.  Well, maybe not actual voices…
…I didn’t have voices in my head, but I did a session once with one of our other brothers, the hypnotist(pictured above teaching at the speakers training in Austin), where I told him that I had two competing personalities trying to dominate my actions.
One wanted to party it up.
The other one was driven for success.
I don’t think, “safe” is the term I used.  If I remember correctly, it was that the competing personalities simply both wanted me to feel good and enjoy life to its fullest.
Haha… I think that was the moment that I realized I could party my way to success.
It’s nice to know that in the end our brain is just looking out for us and trying to keep us safe.  The only problem is that sometimes it attaches being “safe” with holding us back from what we desire to accomplish.
Whenever something is going on in the back of your mind like that, it is actually a part of your Psyche if you will.  It’s trying to keep you safe; maybe you were rejected in Amway for a long time or whatever.  It’s trying to keep you safe from network marketing.
…Maybe you’re parents had money and fought all the time [so you gave your subconscious the notion that] people with money fight all the time.
Well, no they don’t.  They fight less.  That’s ridiculous, who said that?  Nobody with money has said that.  Sometimes people with money fight, but they fought when they had no money.  They have nothing to do with each other.  They are two unrelated phenomenon.
-David Wood

You’re Brain Wants The Best For You

It’s true.  It’s like David said in the video, our minds just want the best for us.  The problem can be sometimes that our subconscious, which controls most of our actions, sometimes tries to protect us from that which is good.
You can think of it kind of like an overprotective parent.
The brilliant part is that you can change its mind very quickly if you can help it to realize that what you are doing is actually the best thing for you.
I’m not a hypnotherapist, so I’m not going to take it much further than that.  What I will say, and what I have seen and experienced, is that you literally have the power within you to change instantly.
You can become whatever you want.
You can do it NOW.
Change literally happens in a single instant.  It may take a small amount of time for that change to manifest and become apparent, but the change itself is virtually instantaneous.
You may find yourself changing right now.
Did you know that money is neither good nor evil?
Money is simply energy.
It is the choice of the wielder of that energy as to what they will use it for.
…or in slightly simpler terms, you can make a lot of money and be a bigger force for good in the world than if you don’t.  Money in and of itself is simply a magnifier.  It is nothing more, and nothing less.
I once heard a wise person say:
All money does is take whoever you are and make it bigger.  If you are an asshole, you are just going to be a bigger asshole.  If you’ve got a good heart, it is going to get bigger, and you’ll be able to do more good.”
Doesn’t it just make sense to focus on becoming greater people through personal development, and then making tons of money so we can become a greater force for good in the world?
Of course it makes sense.
It makes sense because it is what we are doing.
It is the reason that we are more than just a business.
It is why we are a movement.
Congratulations, you are finally in the right place at the right time, with the right people there to help you.
Welcome to the Empower Network.
“Pura Vida” my friend,
-Aki Wood
“An Agent For Change”
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