Monday, March 18, 2013


There is a lot of fluff. There is a lot of trash and flash out there.
Some of you all just need to focus. Focus with us for the next three months…
…There are a few of you that are about ready to break through…
…When you FOCUS,  When you focus, you will.
-David Sharpe

The Message Is Consistent

Those of you that have been following these episodes, and the Empower Network movement, or even what David Wood has been saying for the last couple of years online, the message has been completely consistent.
“Focus your energy for 90 days to have a breakthrough.”
David Sharpe goes on as he is talking to the this team, and gives the recipe for both success and failure to the members of this team…
Listen to anything and everything that [your team leaders] tell you to do.
When you come into a new environment, you listen to the people that came before you.
If I walk into a damn accountant’s office, and start telling him how to do his job, that’s going to guarantee me two things:
1. Him to say, “You are an asshole.”
2. For me to fail at accounting.
I would say that would probably guarantee a third thing, and that would be the IRS having a field day in an audit.
When someone that knows what they are doing is telling you what to do, so long as they don’t have evil motives in mind, they are saying it to help you.
Your team leaders in the Empower Network are going to tell you things that will help you, because they will succeed more by helping you get the success that you desire.
It just makes sense, doesn’t it?
Guys, I’m telling you, if you want success, you need to just follow these guys direction, and do it for three months.  Once you are on stage, I’m going to tell you you can do your own thing, but here’s what you are really going to do…
You are going to turn back to those guys, and you are going to look them in the eyes, and you are going to thank them, and then you are going to go do it with somebody else, and they are going to look you in your eyes, and they are going to thank YOU, and you are going to realize the REAL power of TEAM.
There are a lot of great teams inside the Empower Network, and your team wants you to have success.
EN Austin 2013
If you have already made the decision to become a part of the Empower Network, know and realize that you are a part of something bigger than you, because together we are stronger…
We are a MOVEMENT. 
Watch the video here.