Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cinnamon Banana Popsicles

So, to let you know. I did make decision. And I decided that Rita's isn't an option for me. Do I miss it? Of course I do. But it's best for my health to avoid it. Okay...okay...also I looked up the flavors at our two local Rita's, and they didn't have any flavors that I really even wanted. So that helped! But ultimately, the sugar, and high fructose corn syrup really just turned me off. Lately, I have been craving salty stuff, so sweets just don't seem to appealing to me. Anyways, just because my first day of spring tradition wasn't a tradition this year. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy Iced treats. I just have to make my own. I thought about making my own italian ice, but the I remembered Caleb bought me a popsicle maker for Christmas. Yes, I got a popsicle maker, don't judge. But it's one pretty cool maker. It makes popsicles in 10 min!

It's called a Zoku. It's so simple to use too. You just keep it stored in the freezer, and whip up a popsicle recipe whenever you want a cool treat. 

Now to the popsicles. They are Cinnamon Banana. You can see the specks of cinnamon in them! A cool, and a bit spicy treat. 

Banana Cinnamon Popsicles  


2 medium bananas sliced and frozen. 
1/2 Cup Almond Milk
1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Cinnamon 


Combine all your ingredients into a blender. And blend until creamy.
Once combined, add to popsicle maker. 

***If you don't have a Zoku, any popsicle maker will work! You'll just have to wait a few hours until it's set.  

These were just perfect. Turned out way better than I expected. The banana wasn't overpowering at all. And had just the right amount of cinnamon. Maybe we have to make it a new tradition, to make popsicles on the first day of Spring! These are a much healthier choice, and at least I know the ingredients. 

Cheers to Spring!!