Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Which is better- White Tea or Green Tea?

While sitting here sipping on some hot green tea, I figured today would be a good day to talk about hot tea. This post is actually inspired by my parents, they currently have a disagreement going on between them. One thinks green tea is healthier, and the other thinks white tea is healthier. So I wanted to resolve their disagreement.
Did you know that green and white tea come from the same plant? Well they do. It’s called the Camellia Sinensis.

White Tea leaves are picked much earlier than any other tea leaves. White tea comes from the youngest tea leaves, which are often covered in tiny white hairs. In some cases, the leaves are protected from the sun while growing to limit the production of chlorophyll. Immediately after harvesting, the leaves are dried briefly, without being rolled and then heated quickly so that they do not oxidize. The early white tea buds require no fermentation what so ever.  The result is a tea with a very delicate and light flavor. They are harvested in the spring and can only be harvested once a year.

Green Tea is harvested from the upper leaves and can be produced for most of the year. After the tea leaves are harvested, both types of tea require limited amounts of processing. Green tea leaves undergo a partial fermentation phase before they are ready to use. Green tea is allowed to wither only slightly after being picked. Then the oxidation process is stopped very quickly by rapidly heating the leaves. Green tea has a more earth flavor.
Both teas provide high levels of antioxidants. Green tea is highly recommended when you’re following a healthy diet because research shows it can aid in weight loss. But that’s just one of the benefits.

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Cheers :)