Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Special- Vanilla Cupcakes WIth Cookie Dough Buttercream

It's almost Valentine's Day!! I am pretty excited. I have been baking a lot. Some successes and some fails. But today, I have made a success! I spent all day in the kitchen baking. It's what I enjoy doing the most. Go ahead and joke and say "that's where the woman belongs." Funny you say that, because I don't mind being in the kitchen baking and cooking. So there! Anyways I totally forgot that today was Fastnacht Day. Or Donut Day, until I already had my first project going in the mixer. What I would do to have a donut today...BUT I can't. I should have made healthy donuts. But I have had my mind set on cupcakes for the past week. Besides, I like to celebrate Valentine's Day more than some donut day. I'll make donuts one day, since Caleb is a true lover of donuts. I am pretty sure he would eat them over any dessert...except my cupcakes, he knows to always pick them first.

Which brings me to my Vanilla Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Buttercream! 

***Now these are not allergy friendly. Caleb has no food sensitivities so sometimes I like to spoil him and make him a rich cupcake, full of unhealthy stuff. Especially on special occasions. But I could take this whole recipe and make it gluten and dairy free. 

Last year, for Valentine's Day, I made him Vanilla Cupcakes, stuffed with cookie dough, topped with buttercream. So I kind of wanted to bring back the good memories of last year, but with a different recipe. If you don't know about last year Valentine's Day, you can read here