Saturday, February 23, 2013

Protein Filled Quinoa Pizza Bites

I recently saw this recipe pop up on pinterest and was extremely curious about it. I LOVE pizza. Also, I really like quinoa. If you haven’t heard of quinoa before its considered a whole grain, but it comes from a seed. And it’s gluten free. It’s also packed with protein, so it’s a good source of protein if you don’t get a lot of meat into your diet. It’s cooked up just like you would cook rice. I wanted to make this recipe for about a few weeks. But never got around to it, or just forgot. But this weekend I decided to make it a point to make them. They are SO easy to make.
Quinoa Pizza Bites

Now, I know they don’t look like typical “pizza bites”
Like the ones you buy at the store. Well that’s because they are super healthy for you and don’t contain any processed ingredients. They have a good flavor. And you can add in any other mix ins you would like. Like peppers, or even pepperoni. Even though that would make it less healthy ;)