Monday, February 11, 2013

Is It A Food Allergy or A Food Intolerance?

Reactions to foods are becoming more and more known these days. It's hard to tell if you are allergic or just an intolerance. You could have some symptoms of a food allergy, also have some of an intolerance. So how do you figure out what the difference is? Figuring out the difference can be very tricky and confusing. 

Whenever you have a suppressed immune system. Whether it be from medicine side effects, IBS, Celiac, other autoimmune disorders, and Candida. You would be very surprised to find that a lot of underlying health problems all stem from Candida. Allergies are antibody reactions that effect the immune system directly. Having a food allergy, while dealing with Candida can become a serious problem. That's because when you have a severe intestinal imbalance, your intestinal wall becomes weakened and makes it hard to process food. Another name for some complications is called Leaky Gut Syndrome. Chronic intestinal stress from candi-toxins, putrefaction and related indigestion can inflame your intestinal wall and make it super-reactive to irritation from antagonistic foods. In addition, the fungal form of candida has the ability to actually penetrate the intestinal walls, damage them and cause a leakage of food substances and fecal waste into the bloodstream. Foreign substances stress the already fatigued immune system and can also result in the development of food allergies. If food particles leak through the permeable intestinal membrane before being thoroughly broken down into hydrocarbons (amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids), the immune system does not recognize the particle as nutrition. It 'sees' it as something that is foreign and must be broken down by specialized immune cells that clean up the blood (macrophages). Basically, it responds as it would to any foreign particle in the blood. If particles of a specific food are repeatedly leaked into the blood stream, your body will see it as a troublesome invader to contend with and will develop a memory of the food. Your immune system will now have specific antibodies ready to attack the next time it encounters the substance. Whenever the particular food is eaten, the immune system is triggered into defensive mode and we experience symptoms of intolerance or allergy. 

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