Monday, February 18, 2013

Ever Feel Like You've Hit A Dead End?

Motivation is something that keeps us going. It keeps us heading towards our goals and dreams.
But what happens when there is something keeping your from achieving what you want out of life? You’ve hit a road block, or feel like you’re at a dead end and just want to give up.  Most people give up on their dreams because they can’t see outside of the box, and dig a little deeper. I’m not afraid to admit that I have been there. I have felt like I’ve hit a dead end and I have wanted to just give up and not do anything. But in those times, I have also felt a push…something continuing to push me towards what I wanted. I believe it’s faith. Why? Because I have hope. I’m not giving up that I CAN live my life to the fullest, and do what I want. Have you ever had that little voice inside your head to keep telling you something? It’s like that. But I feel like it’s in my heart. Because I’m passionate about changing my life. And that little voice just keeps pushing me when I need it the most.
“Don’t ever give up hope, believe in miracles” 
You would be very surprised to see how much your life can change if you have faith. Something so small, can make such a huge difference. What am I talking about exactly? If I have you lost, I apologize. I want to get your mind thinking about things, maybe in a way you haven’t thought of before. For example: You probably think that the only way of life, is working a 9 to 5 job. Or whatever job you are at. And to you it sucks. But you stay because “it pays the bills.” I seriously can’t stand hearing people are so unhappy with where they are at, but stay only because it pays the bills. Why do you want to be unhappy and not live your life the way YOU dream of? You can change that. You can feel free. I joined Empower Network, because I passionately believe I can make a difference in my life. I don’t want to be stuck at some job that just “pays the bills.” I don’t want that unhappiness. Life is passing all of us by so fast. Why not start right now and believe you can find that happiness again? They say money isn’t everything. I agree, but to a certain extent. Money does solve any kind of stress from bills and being in debt. It lets people live a life they have always wanted. But not just money will make you happy. The key is living your life for a purpose, and helping others. The money is just a bonus.
Since I’m young, I found a person who is pretty inspiring because he is only 19 years old. Here’s his story:
The video is only 8 minutes. It won’t take up to much of your time.
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