Friday, January 18, 2013

Why I Started A Blog

So I have had things on my mind, kind of eating away at me. I figured it’d be a good idea to just post about them.
I just want to set things straight. I made a blog to keep me busy and to inform people about Candida, since it’s so common and causes so many health issues. It would be pretty selfish of me if I kept it all to myself. Also, I have always wanted to have a blog, but I never knew what to blog about. And once I found out about Candida. That was my opportunity. To share my journey to better health and to explain to everyone about Candida. Honestly, I also feel that God has been playing a big part in my life lately as I have begun to listen to him more and I feel like he’s pushing me to share this journey. Yes, I do believe in God. No, I’m not going to ever shove religion down your throat. I don’t have a specific religion I’d say, but I have a relationship with God. Anyways, the more that I am listening to him, the more my life is changing. In ways that I didn’t think were possible. Yes, dealing with bad health isn’t something to be happy about, but I am happy that I’ve caught this early on. And I would say it’s a miracle because I’ll soon feel better!
For those of you who don’t really care, then why are you reading this? I’m a very honest person and I’ll always make it known if something is bothering me. I’m sorry, but I have feelings. I’m not a robot. I didn’t start this blog to get attention or people to feel sorry for me, or whatever else you want to come up with. Please find out the truth before you assume. I am not a person who likes people to know my business and everything. That’s why I leave a lot of personal my life out of my blog. I wanted a way to update and inform people, people who truly care. If you still think blogs are stupid, well then keep your opinion and comments to yourself. Simple.
For everyone else who is interested and does really care, I really appreciate you and it means a lot to me.