Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons

You take those lemons, add some water and drink them!!

No, I’m not talking about that sugar filled lemonade either. I’m talking about lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice. It may not sound appealing, but your body will thank you. Do you love lemon? Or do you hate it? Honestly, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with lemons. Lemon flavored stuff is so gross, but straight lemons, I can’t handle the tartness. Recently, I’ve been looking up all natural ways to battle with breakouts..yes..I hate breaking out. When I was in high school I dealt with a skin infection, thanks to salicylic acid that I’m allergic to. And it was terrible. So anytime I break out now, I freak out. Break outs suck. And look terrible. But honestly going through what I did then. I fully understand how people feel when they have horrible acne. I know I break out, to what I think is so bad. But some people have it a lot worse. And I truly feel bad for those people. Acne doesn’t mean someone is dirty or doesn’t wash their face. Acne is way for your skin and body to release toxins, and when you have a lot of toxins built up, it can form as acne because of the overload trying to be released. Which I think that’s what I’m dealing with right now. And it’s so very fun…No…Not at all. So while researching natural ways to help with breakouts. I came across lemons…who would have ever thought of lemons?! I have started to think people just post things online for the heck of it. So I had to research more about lemons and what they do. Because to my knowledge they were just good for lemonade. But hey, you learn something new everyday, right?
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