Tuesday, January 22, 2013


While being on a healthy diet, it’s important to get as much vitamins and nutrients as possible..which is the point. But sometimes it’s hard to eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Caleb (my fiancee) :) Is a lover a smoothies…me..not so much. I honestly hate fruit juice. I love almost every fruit, but hate juice. There is no reason why, I have never liked it. And the only thing worse than fruit juice….vegetable juice..seriously, EW. Whoever thought of that one didn’t have any taste buds. I like vegetables, but I do not like drinking them. Anyways, for Christmas, Caleb got me a popsicle maker. Goodness I sound like a little kid. But it’s pretty cool. It’s called a Zoku Pop Maker. You store it in the freezer, take it out whenever you want quick pop, throw in whatever the recipe calls for and you got yourself a pop in about 10 min. It’s pretty nifty. So we bought juice, but also the kind that has vegetables in it…so disgusting in my opinion. But Caleb likes it…he may have the taste buds for healthier stuff than me..maybe  ;)
So we had a lot of juice left over, and like I was ever going to touch that when I was thirsty. We bought a book of smoothies. It’s called Supercharge Your Immune System. It has about 100 different smoothie recipes in it, all that help your body. It’s amazing! So that sparked us to start making more smoothies. Now we haven’t truly stuck to a recipe in the book, yet. We came up with our own. You put two people who love experimenting with food in a kitchen, and you get some interesting foods made :)

Read more here for the recipe