Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fast Food Facts

Is stopping at fast food places normal when you’re running errands? Or how about a quick snack for your kids after school? On a road trip and there are so many fast food places right off the highway, so why not? It may seem like a quick stop at a fast food joint is okay as long as it’s limited, right? Ehh…
No matter how you try to think of it, how you word it. It’s ALL processed. Even “healthy” options.
Here’s just a few scary facts:
  1. To make the flavor of a strawberry, fast food chains use a disgusting mix of chemicals. Just a few of these include ethyl acetate, phenythyl alcohol, rose, and solvent. A strawberry shake can contain 50 different chemicals altogether! None of which belong in your body.
  2. That salad that seems like a better option than a burger. Well to keep your salad fresh, most chains use a chemical, Propylene glycerol, to keep it “fresh and crisp.” This chemical would be found in antifreeze. Heard of it?
  3. Love your french fries? Have you ever wondered what makes them golden brown and crispy? Most chains will coat their fries in sugar before they are deep friend. How about that as a hidden sugar?
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