Friday, January 18, 2013

Day by Day

So as I begin my journey. I am going to describe each day and how everything is going.
I should begin with the day my life has been changed for, forever. 
It was Tuesday November 13, 2012. I woke up to what was going to be just any other normal day. Or so I thought. So I ate breakfast and checked my emails, only to find an email from Cathy Pence, Naturopathy Doctor. She said she had an appointment available for that day. Amazing because she’s usually booked up for months. I was excited, but kind of nervous because I had no idea what to expect. I went to my appointment, we sat and talked about my health history, eating habits, all sorts of stuff. And she did some simple tests and discovered the root of all my problems. I was actually in shock, and didn’t quite understand since I’ve never heard of it before. She gave me a list of resources and people to look up to research and learn about Candida. So, I was diagnosed with that, but what am I going to have to do to get better? Well I have to follow a very strict diet. No dairy, wheat, gluten…not so bad since I’m used to that. But here came the hard part…no sugar. At all. My heart sank. Literally. I was not to happy about that. Because I’m a lover of all sweets. I am on what they call the Candida Diet. I have to stop feeding what’s killing me, and kill it. Candida thrives off of all processed foods and sugar. And basically all foods that are mass manufactured. Wow, it was a lot to take in. She also put me on yeast and anti fungal detox pills to start the process of killing the yeast. How fun right? Also, I’m on strong probiotics to help heal my stomach and intestines. 
I came home and told my parents about it all. And my Fiance. We all realized how much this is going to change our way of life. No more processed anything. We have to read labels of literally everything we buy. It’s going to be a struggle for me at first to fight this. But eventually its going to be my life and how I live and eat. It will become normal to me. I just have to make it to that point.