Sunday, March 18, 2018


These past few days have been extremely hard. 

We said our final goodbyes to my grandmother, my Mamaw. I didn’t quite know how to find the words when asked if anyone had anything to share during her service. Of course I had so much to share but I knew my emotions would overcome me and I wouldn’t be able to get my words out. So I decided to share them here. Sorting through the memories of the past isn’t easy, especially when you just want to rewind time to be with that person again. Just to hear their voice and see their smile, one more time. 

My Mamaw is my mom’s mother and growing up I spent a lot of time with her. I have so many memories of her. From early on when her memory was still good, and up until when she had no idea who I was.
She would pick me up from school and we would go to Wendy’s. I’m pretty sure she invented the fries dipped into the frosty because that was our special little treat. I was always going places with her and my Papaw. Having sleepovers at their house. And they were always there for every special occasions. 
She always called me her baby. She would drive over early in the mornings for my very first day of school so she could see me get on the big yellow bus. 
I’d spend summer days at her house. A lot of times she would lay out and tan. She would cover herself in oil but she slathered me in sunscreen and made sure I was in the shade...I never got burnt. 
Her cooking was the absolute best. But I know she gave her love for cooking and baking to my mom because my mom knows how to make food exactly like hers. There's so many more little pieces of memories I have of her. And I could go on and on. Sometimes those memories are fun to remember but at the same time, it still hurts to think of those times.

At her service, my dad and brother sang a song called "Are All the Children In?" Which this reminded me of a memory I have of her...
When my Mamaw first started showing signs of Alzheimers she began to be very concerned about certain things. I remember quite vaguely one evening during the winter her and my Papaw came over and she got really concerned about the children being outside since it was dark and cold. She kept trying to get to the back door and just wanted them to come inside. So we "called in the kids" for her and told her they were downstairs warming up by the fire. She immediately calmed down and didn't ask again.
Even while her memory was fading, she was still showing just how much she cared for all her babies in her family. She loved them dearly.

One of the last memories I have of her before she declined so much and had to go to a nursing home, was at my cousins wedding.
She looked so beautiful.
And when anyone told her just how beautiful she looked, she would smile so much.
It was almost like her and my Papaw were on their first date, She was glowing and just so giggly
That night, I got to see her and my Papaw dance, for the last time
Her smile for the last time
Her laugh for the last time.
I'll never forget her smile
Or her laugh
Or her voice
Or the way she would tease you and just giggle about it.
Or the way she would embrace you and give you the biggest hug

But what I would do to hear all of that, just one more time.

My heart just breaks so much because watching her slowly lose herself to Alzheimers and not know anyone around her. She didn't deserve that. I never liked to talk about her condition to anyone, just because that was never the Mamaw I knew...but also that's not how I want to remember her. Even though my most recent memories of her are in the nursing home. I'll remember them, but they won't be anything compared to the memories I have of her growing up.
A memory I have of her in the nursing home was just from last year, on Mother's Day. We took Ellie in to visit her and for Ellie to meet her for the first time. Mamaw wasn't having the best day at all. But the moment she caught a glimpse of Ellie, she stopped and just stared at her.
And in that moment, even though her memory was gone, I knew my Mamaw was still there. Her sweet spirit and love for her children was there.

I know my Papaw might not ever read this, but the night of her viewing, I went to hug him and he wouldn't let go, He broke down in my arms and asked me "How am I supposed to live without her?" I didn't have an answer then, because I just didn't know either. But Papaw, I know it hurts, and trying to live life with someone you have been with for 66 years is unimaginable but Mamaw wants you here because she needs you to look after all of her children.

Mamaw, I hope you know that with as much love you have for your children and everyone else. You are so loved. Deeply loved.

I know you are in Heaven, rejoicing because you are free.
Even though it hurts, we are rejoicing through our grief that you are free.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

It's a...

It has been a month since we found out what baby #2 is. And we are FINALLY telling our big news! Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to do a special gender reveal announcement but I just didn’t quite know what that would be. It didn’t have to be something no one has done. Just special to us and our family. Little did I know just how special our little one is going to be…
After we found out what we were having, life kind of just got a hold of us and we just didn’t feel like it was the right time to post our news.
I appreciate those who reached out to me to make sure everything was okay. And I apologize if I didn’t respond back, I read every message but just wasn’t able to respond to them all. We were dealing with our sweet little Ellie getting really sick twice in a two week span (she just recovered from that about a week ago) so obviously she is our top priority and we needed to take care of her and get her back to her normal self. And my husband’s family lost a very important man, his grandfather.  Which was beyond devastating. Ever since I met Caleb, his grandfather was someone he talked about often and I knew he was someone he looked up to so much. Shortly after that, I got a call saying my grandmother won’t be with us much longer… I just didn’t feel right even working on our good news with everything we were going through.
Despite everything, my husband and I decided it was time to share our news. Especially since we knew just how important this little baby of ours is.

With all of that being said…

We are so excited to announce that the newest addition to our family is…

A BOY!!!!!!


Oh how we love this sweet little one so much already.
We also decided to tell everyone his name. If you followed me when I was pregnant with Ellie, we didn’t publicly announce her name until she was born. But this time we decided to announce his name before he is born for a few reasons. My husband and I always knew that if we had a boy, we would incorporate his grandfather’s name, either first or last. About a few weeks ago we decided that it would be his first name. Nothing else appealed to us. A few days after we decided, Caleb really wanted to tell his grandfather that we were naming our boy after him.
And I’m so glad we did, because little did we know that just a few days after that…his grandfather would pass away. I know Caleb envisioned his grandfather holding little Warren in July and my heart just breaks because that won’t happen.
So our little Warren is one special little guy. He is the only boy to carry on the Cheek name and his great grandfather’s name.
Of course every baby is a blessing to a family, but we can’t help to feel extremely blessed to be welcoming this little boy into our family this summer.

To see our gender reveal video: Click here

Sunday, January 7, 2018

12 Weeks-Baby #2

Another pregnancy update?!? 
I’m so excited to do these again! At this moment I’m working on a few ideas how to document this pregnancy differently but I thought for right now I’ll stick with this. 

I’ll just get right into it!

Has this pregnancy been different than the first? Yes. It’s been in ways harder because I have a busy toddler and she doesn’t understand that mommy just doesn’t feel good or is so tired. So that upsets me because I feel like I’m kind of letting her down. But after the first few rough weeks she kind of understood and instead of asking me to chase her, she would ask me to come sit and play. Sweetest girl! 

Have you been as sick? If you followed me the last time, you would have known I was extremely sick with Ellie. It was awful. I was so terrified of that happening again so I wanted to do things differently this time. My doctor recommended that I start taking vitamin b6 and using magnesium oil everyday (this was about a year ago) because I was super deficient in a lot of vitamins and that can trigger morning sickness. So I started those things since I knew eventually we would have another and my doctor said that the more time I can build up my vitamin intake. The better. 
Also this time I ate. Even when I felt so crappy, I’d snack on cheese and crackers or have peanut butter toast. With Ellie, I hardly ate. It sounds terrible but I just didn’t know how much eating small things early on would help. 
So with those two things I think it really took the edge off my all day sickness. From 6-9 weeks I was pretty miserable. And not much could help, but I could still semi function. I made sure to keep taking the b6 and magnesium oil.
Food aversions and sensitivity to smells is definitely a big trigger into how I felt. So I tried to eat things very bland and cooking food was a nightmare.
9 weeks to now I have my days, some are better than others. But I still don't feel "normal" and I'm waiting on that second trimester!

Food Aversions: vegetables, especially cooked. They smell terrible, beef is awful, anything strong. Oranges and anything citrus makes me so nauseous.

Cravings: I don't crave things too much, I just prefer certain foods. Panera bagels and cream cheese saved me those first few weeks, strawberries and blueberries, crackers and cheese, and peanut butter.

Other symptoms: Very fatigue, moody, breakouts ( my skin is AWFUL), constant stuffy nose, back pain, and bloating.

All in all the first trimester, not much goes on except sickness and extreme fatigue. The first trimester is all about survival. So even being a working mom, I tried my best to rest when I could. But I'm really hoping I get a little more energy and less sickness soon.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Veggie Buds Club

You mention crafts and Ellie will come running.
She LOVES to do crafts and learn new things. And I love teaching her new things because she gets so proud of herself when she knows something new. 

I think school is going to be a breeze for her, and I hope she always keeps her eagerness to learn. She has already asked me if she can go to school….so I really think she is going to love it. But she is only two and we aren’t rushing that one. So for now at home I will teach her as many new things as her heart desires. 
Before Ellie turned two, she knew how to count to 10, most of her colors(she sometimes gets them mixed up), she knows her opposites ex: up vs down, front vs back, light vs dark, hot vs cold etc, and her vocabulary is growing every day and she now talks in full sentences. And to think a year ago I was worried she wasn’t talking that much… 
I don’t push her to learn things, I simply show her and explain. I do work full time, so the moment I get home I spend about an hour just playing with her and talking. One on one time is so important and I feel like that has really helped her. 
Since I love doing new things with her and teaching her all about this world. I wanted to do something fun each month with her. I stumbled upon Veggie Buds Club on Instagram and was immediately hooked! Learning about veggies, crafts, and recipes all centered around little ones. Yes please! 

Last month we learned all about sweet corn! My favorite part about the sweet corn box was letting Ellie watch the kernels pop into popcorn. And then we made popcorn head crowns. I think she liked doing that too! She just didn’t get to eat any popcorn because I’m that super paranoid mom and I’ve read that kids younger than 4 shouldn’t really have it. So she didn’t even know you can eat it. 

This month was all about PUMPKINS!

Probably my favorite so far, because Ellie is my little pumpkin baby since she was born in October.

This box contained stickers, coloring, a game, recipe, book, and crafts. Of course we had to do multiple activities at once. I try to save some activities so we can use our box all month long.

Here are some snaps of our activites we have done so far with our box! 

Parker the Pumpkin is her favorite, and she loved making it come to life with eyes!

She decided that Parker needed some friends ❤️

And she wanted to make sure she read to all of her "friends" 

Counting her pumpkins 

Want to join in on the fun?! Sign up NOW to receive your box for November! Go here

Here’s what is included (taken from the Veggie Buds Club site): 
An activity book that highlights the month's featured veggie. The activity book's pages include a fun incentive sticker chart to get your kids excited about eating veggies, ideas on how to incorporate the featured veggie into your meals, coloring/activity pages, fun facts, and more. 

A kid-approved recipe card.
An arts and crafts project with materials.                             
A fun veggie game with materials.
A simple indoor growing project- seeds included. 

Veggie Buds Super Club members also receive a book and felt Veggie Buds character highlighting the month's featured veggie!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pink Farm Birthday Party

Ellie's Farm 

Ellie loves pink, farm anything, and animals! So we decided to throw her a Pink Farm Birthday! I can't believe she is two but planning her birthday party was so much fun this year because I incorporated the things she loves most and I knew she would have so much fun. 

So here is some pictures from Ellie's Farm Birthday party! 

We surprised the kids with a tractor barrel ride! It was such a big hit and Ellie loved it! 

Present time!!! This girl LOVES opening presents and was so excited about everything. 

 The kids got to pick their own pumpkin and decorate it. 

I think it's safe to say that she had such a good birthday party!

Happy Birthday Sweet Ellie! We love you so much! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Two Is Oh So Sweet

She's TWO!

I am pretty much in shock that my baby is two. She is not a baby anymore, and is turning more and more into a little girl. I'd say I miss her being a newborn (and somedays I really do) But I'm so in love with her age and it's just so fun right now. 

The biggest things that have just blossomed so much is her speech and personality. You can carry on conversations with her, and understand what she says. She still is figuring out how to put together sentences but most of the time she can get about a 5 word sentence together. It's pretty amazing! I love talking with her and just listening to her tell me stories. Oh and I love hearing her say "I love you mommy" as if my heart couldn't be melted anymore 😍 

She loves to sing and dance. As much as kid songs drive me crazy, hearing her little voice sing them makes up for it! 

Her personality is just blooming. She is so sweet and is so gentle with everything. Except when she gets mad (which I'll get to that) 
She loves to play with her babies and be their mom, or their doctor. She is constantly asking them if they're okay, are they hungry, or do they need a bottle. It's so cute. She will also cook for them and give them meals. Her imagination is starting to develop more and I love just watching her play because it's quite interesting to watch how her mind works. She is so observant because how she plays...she is mimicking what she sees me and others do. That certainly doesn't put any pressure on me at all 🤣

Even with her sweetness, she is still a toddler. And with that comes the meltdowns and tantrums. She does have them, and they can be pretty bad. But knowing she doesn't understand exactly why she feels such strong emotion is really sad to me so when she is in the middle of a tantrum I just hold her. Most of the time it does help her calm down. And then we will talk about what made her mad. Usually she can tell me and I try to help her through it. It is one of the hardest things right now is trying to get through these emotions. Some days she does well and will ask me for help before she loses it but other days it doesn't go over well. 
Toddlers are like ticking time never when they're going to be set off...
So I make sure that she is always fed because she gets HANGRY real fast. And if she's tired I just try to limit what I know will make her mad. 
But any tips on how to deal with toddler tantrums...I'm all ears! 
Except spanking or hitting, sorry but I don't believe hitting your child is ever going to teach them a lesson. Especially a toddler, they're too young to understand that. All it teaches them is it is okay to hit....

Ellie is growing into her name quite well. "Ellie" means "God is my light" or "light" 
Which I instantly loved because she has always been our little light. And the older she gets the more and more of a bright light she becomes, not only in our lives, but everyone who meets her can't help but light up. 

Her excitement about life is so contagious. She makes me so excited for anything. Which is something pretty crazy to me. Having a child really makes you appreciate every single thing. 

Ellie Skye, you make me one proud mama. And as you grow I will make sure you always know how proud I am of you and how much you mean to me ❤️❤️